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Clinton White House Parody Sites

Posted on: March 30, 2009

In October 1994, the Clinton Administration launched the first official White House website under the url  Shortly thereafter, the first White House parody sites began to appear. If you are at all interested in the history of, Scientific American has an interesting slideshow:  A Pictorial Evolution of the POTUS Website.

The first version of appeared in 1996.  You can view it via the Internet Archive’s “Wayback Machine” at  The early content of the site focused on Clinton’s reelection campaign.

Clinton White House parody at

Clinton White House parody at


The first version of also appeared in 1996.  Here is a version  from 1999  courtesy of The Wayback Machine at  This site closely resembles the official site.

Clinton White House parody at

Clinton White House parody at


There is another Clinton White House parody site at that is also based on the format of the official site at that time.  This website has some decent content under the “Tour the White House” section of the site.  If you click on that, you’ll be taken to Virtual White House Tour page that shows a clickable map of the White House. 

 The html code doesn’t work exactly correctly here (hey, this was written back in the 1990s!), so you end up on a page with a list of .htm files.  If you click on each of those, you’ll see the page for that area of the White House.

Clinton White House parody

Clinton White House parody


The last Clinton White House parody site I found was at  There is not much original content on this site.  All of the links go to other sites (example: “The President & Vice President” goes to; the “Commonly Requested Federal Services” goes to; “Site News” goes to;  you get the picture…)  I am including this site here just for the purpose of completeness.

Yet another Clinton White House parody

Yet another Clinton White House parody


I would be remiss if I did not mention the site.  This website was extremely controversial because it was an “X-rated” adult site.  Apparently, many unsuspecting people looking for the real White House site (including school children) accidentally stumbled upon this one. 

The guy made a million bucks and eventually sold the domain name and it has since gone from being a real estate site to a search engine (using White Pages and Yellow Pages listings) to a live TV broadcasting site. 

The Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine did not archive this site (for obvious reasons), so no link back to “the good old days”.   You can, however,  read the 1997 letter from the White House Counsel’s office regarding this site.

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