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New York Times Parody

Posted on: March 31, 2009

Last November, 1.2 million fake copies of the New York Times were handed out across the nation.  The 14-page newspaper was future-dated July 2009 and announced the end of the wars  in both Iran and Afghanistan along with other news such as progress made in reversing global warming, national health insurance legislation, and the repeal of the Patriot Act.  

The fake edition of the newspaper appeared on this website:   The official response from the New York Times can be read here.

 This parody was the work of numerous activists trying to envision a better world by showing what could be  possible under the leadership of a new President. 

Personally, I tend to prefer parodies that are served up with a side order of funny (or nasty!).  This is neither.  This is more like the New York Times of parody – – serious and with a purpose.  And given the current state of newspapers and the New York Times in particular, the fact that there even is a July 2009 paper edition of The Times is a bit of a spoof (oooh… nasty!)


Spoof online edition of The New York Times

Spoof online edition of The New York Times


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