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Mail Order Husbands

Posted on: April 26, 2009

Thanks to reader Pleated Jeans for recommending this parody site:

For years, men have been able to purchase mail-order brides from overseas.  It only seems fair (and convenient!) that women also have a chance to order their perfect mate online.   So ladies, pour yourself a glass of wine, sit back, relax, and peruse the delightful assortment of would-be husbands available.  Better keep the bottle nearby…

The site has a multiple-choice compatibility test that uses proprietary algorithms to determine the best fit for you.  Having done my best to answer these challenging questions honestly, I am quite happy with the bachelor specially chosen for me:  Arnaud, from France.   Too bad I’m already married…

This site was mentioned on numerous blogs.  All the ones I read thought it was hilarious.  Here’s a good post with some funny comments.  

There is also a Facebook group called  MailOrderHusbands.Net that currently has 256 members.  Will wonders never cease?




1 Response to "Mail Order Husbands"

Ha! I forgot about that site. Thanks for the link and the laugh.

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