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Twitter Premium Accounts Hoax

Posted on: May 8, 2009

BBSpot is a tech humor site filled with, you guessed it, geeky tech-related humor.  While there are hundreds of different fake news stories on the site, I am focusing only on one:  Twitter Unveils New Premium Accounts.

This fake news story, written a couple months ago, announced the introduction of paid premium accounts on Twitter.  The account levels range from “Sparrow” at $5.00 per month all the way up to “Eagle” at $250 per month.  For a mere additional $100 per year, your tweets will be forwarded to a “well-educated offshore employee who will embellish tweets”.   (my note: I wonder if they offer the same service for us lowly bloggers…)

Fake news stories aren’t exactly rare these days with some of the best coming from The Onion.   I decided to feature the Twitter Premium Accounts story because so many people fell for it (and still continue to do so).




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