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Google Hoaxes – 2000 thru 2007

Posted on: May 9, 2009

April Fool’s Day brings a motherload of internet pranks and hoaxes.  As part of an almost-annual tradition since  2000, Google joins in on the fun.  In this post, I’ll cover the jokes up through 2007.    The Google hoaxes for 2008 can be viewed in a different post.

2000 – Google launches MentalPlex search.  Why be bothered typing in your search query when Google can read your mind for you?google1a

2002 – Google unveils its PigeonRank search technology.   Ingenious use of the massively parallel pecking capabilities of the common gray pigeon brings Google to the forefront of search technology.


2004 – Google plans to open lunar research center.  It’s not enough to take over the Earth, Google wants to expand its reach to the moon.google2

2005 – Google Gulp   If you drink Coke just for the caffeine, you’ll love what Google Gulp will do for you.google3 

 2006 – Google Romance – Find your perfect match using the new Soulmate Search and then enjoy an all-expenses paid date (provided you agree to view contextually relevant advertising during your date).  google4

2007 – Gmail Paper – Know someone who likes to print out all of their emails before reading them?  This handy hard-copy delivery service is just for them!


2007 – Google TiSP – Google offers a free in-home wireless broadband service that connects your wifi-enabled toilet to the internet via your plumbing system. 



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