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Posted on: May 14, 2009

My previous post was about hoax websites that Google created as a joke.  I became curious about Google parody sites not associated with Google.  It’s not surprising that there are a fairly large number of them out there. 

Some of the links I came across no longer work; perhaps the work of the Google Legal Department.  I spent some time looking at the sites and picked the best ones to feature here.   

My favorite site is Toogle.  It is a parody of Google Image Search.  When you type something into the search box, you get an image of whatever you typed using the word that you typed.  For example, if you type in Obama, you get back a photo of Obama that is actually made from the word “Obama”.   Perhaps I’m easily amused, but I tried out about ten different searches and was highly impressed.  You have to try this one! 

Toogle Image Search

Toogle Image Search


Shmoogle uses the catchline “and if the result you were looking for was hiding in page 53?”  A Shmoogle search will return Google results in a random order.  Instead of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (based on Google’s algorithms), you might see number 487 displayed first, then 180, 342, 658, 60, etc.  Hey, it gives hope to those of us with loser websites that we might actually be on page one!

Shmoogle - all results are equal

Shmoogle - all results are equal


Here’s a search site you’d never use: Spam Google.   Enter any term and the only results that come back are spam.   You’ve seen those sites – – the ones that are just a list of advertisement links.   So why did this make my list of favorites?  It’s original, sort of.

Spam Google - just the noise

Spam Google - just the noise


 Next up is elgooG, the Google mirror site. The link I’m supplying is actually a mirror to the Google mirror. How’s that for confusing? At first, I couldn’t get this to work right. Then I discovered that you have to enter in your search query backwards (ie; type in “esuoh etihw” for “white house”). It still works if you type it in the normal way, but the search results are a little off. Be sure to read the Google Mirror FAQ while you are there.

Note: When I first posted the link to the Google Mirror, it worked fine. Ten minutes later, it stopped working.  The next day, it worked fine … If it doesn’t work for you now, try again another day.

elgooG - Google mirror

elgooG - Google mirror


The last site today me lads and me lassies come full o’ blarney.  Doogle is a search site that automatically adds “the luck o’ the Irish” to all of your search queries.  Actually, it adds random Irish-themed words such as gaeltacht, feck, arse, gobshite, … you  get the idea.   Needless to say, this has a noticeable effect on your search results.

Doogle - the Feckin' Search Engine of Ireland

Doogle - the Feckin' Search Engine of Ireland


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