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Google’s 2009 April Fool’s Day jokes center around a common theme: CADIE (Cognitive Autoheuristic Distributed-Intelligence Entity).   In essence, CADIE is the world’s first “functional global-scale neuro-evolutionary learning cluster” – an artificial-intelligent being.  She thinks, she talks, she even writes her own blog.

CADIE's Blog

Google proudly made this ground-breaking announcement one minute before April 1, 2009.   Everything you ever want to know about the miraculous creation and abilities of CADIE are documented here.

Google applied the CADIE theme to many of their products.  Here is the CADIE-inspired Google Maps page:

Google Cadie maps

CADIE's Favorite Places in Google Maps

Google Earth had a special CADIE page.  Here you could use CADIE to explore the depths of the oceans, chat with her, and travel with her to various vacation spots around the globe.  You have to have Google Earth installed and then download the special cadietour.kmz file first.  I tried to chat with her, but she had a little trouble understanding my dry humor…

CADIE-powered Google Earth

 She made reading recommendations on Google Books.  Google Mobile had a CADIE-powered brain search that allowed you to index the memories in your brain so they were searchable.  Watch a demonstation on this YouTube video

 Google Mail announced a CADIE Gmail Autopilot application which uses the artificial intelligence capabilities of CADIE to automatically reply to your Gmail messages.  Just think of all the time you can save.

She also made an appearance in Google Images, Google Docs, and Google Analytics.   Finally, Google Chrome was available in 3-D viewing.